FAQs - Residents and Homeowners

What are the factors used by MDOT State Highway Administration in determining my community's eligibility for a sound barrier?

MDOT SHA will determine if the community is impacted by highway traffic noise and if the construction of a sound barrier is reasonable and feasible. Only barriers that are determined to be both reasonable and feasible will be approved.

Does my neighborhood qualify for a sound barrier?

To determine your eligibility, start by reviewing MDOT SHA sound barrier guidelines and policy here.

Where do I apply for a sound barrier?

Visit the Request for Service page here. In the Topic pull-down menu, select “Sound Barriers.”

My community was determined eligible for a sound barrier long ago, but no sound barrier has yet been constructed. Why?

Construction of a sound barrier may be both feasible and reasonable and the community deemed eligible to have a sound barrier constructed. However, funds may not be readily available for these barriers. In that case, the project application will go on an eligibility wait list and the barrier will be constructed once funds become available.

How do I obtain permission to place a sign or roadside memorial on property adjacent to a Maryland State highway?

Read the instructions at PLACING SIGNS, ADVERTISEMENTS AND MEMORIALS ALONG STATE ROUTES, then contact your MDOT SHA district office. A list of district offices is here.

How do I determine if my street is a Maryland State road?

Visit Know Your Roads, which can tell if your street is managed by MDOT SHA, the Maryland Transportation Authority, county, city, or other government.

My neighbors and I want to have a street fair or special event on a Maryland State road. How do we obtain permission?

Visit Special Events on Maryland Highways for information.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Visit the Contact MDOT SHA page here. You can phone the MDOT SHA Statewide Operations Center at 410-582-5650 or 800-543-2515, or call your local district office.

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