Roads and Highways in Maryland

Which roads does MDOT SHA maintain?

Check Know Your Roads for an easily searched map.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) owns and maintains roads that have a number as well as a name. For example:

  • Interstate Routes such as: I-68, I-95, I-70, I-695 (Marked with a blue and red Interstate shield-shaped sign)
  • United States Routes such as: US 1, US 15, US 40, US 113, US 301, US 219 (Marked with a white US shield-shaped sign)
  • Maryland Routes such as: MD 2, MD 45, MD 140, MD 404 (Marked with a white Maryland rectangular sign)

How do I Adopt or Sponsor a Highway?

Call your local MDOT SHA office to obtain a list of adoptable roads, complete an agreement, receive safety training and pick-up your supplies. Visit Adopt a Highway for a list of MDOT SHA Adopt/Sponsor-A-Highway phone numbers and more details.

How do I request that a State road be dedicated to an individual or group?

Contact the Maryland Transportation Commission at (410) 865-1280. For complete instructions see the Dedication of Transportation Facilities tab at Maryland Transportation Commission.

A map and a table of the State's dedicated roads is online HERE (click the table icon at upper right to see a list of dedicated roads).

A supplemental map is HERE.

Does MDOT SHA have a policy about placing roadside memorials in a state right of way?

Yes. Click here to view the policy. Then contact your closest MDOT SHA district office.​

What is the length of the Baltimore Beltway?

The Baltimore Beltway (I-695) is 51.46 center line miles.

What is the length of the Capital Beltway?

The Maryland portion of the Capital Beltway (I-495 and I-95) is 42.09 miles. I-495, including portions in the District of Columbia and Virginia, is 64.7 miles long.

How do I determine the right of way on a State road? What is the existing right of way?

Contact the MDOT SHA Office of Real Estate at 1-800-752-4793 to obtain this information.

How can I request a right-of-way plat?

Visit the MDOT SHA Office of Real Estate here and at for more information.