Office of Construction

Office of Construction HQ​​Office of Construction (Headquarters/Training Center)

7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, MD 21076
Toll Free # 1-866-926-8503
FAX # 410-787-0986 ​

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) Office of Construction (OOC) responsibilities include the following:

  • Contract processing (bid openings, bid protests, contract award, contract execution, notice to proceed).
  • Payment to contractors.
  • Establishment of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) goals and approval of Affirmative Action Plans.
  • Review and approval of change orders.
  • Oversight of construction inspection (administering the construction engineering manpower management system statewide, assignment of inspection, management of supplemental consultant inspection contracts).
  • Training.
  • Statewide utilities (relocation, determination of prior rights, billing coordination).
  • Claims avoidance/resolution.
  • Establishment of policies and procedures.
  • Review and coordination of construction specifications.
  • Coordination of Federal Highway Administration issues and related support.

This office includes three deputy directors (for Field Operations, Vertical Construction, and Administrative Operations) and is led by a director who reports to the deputy administrator, Operations in Hanover.

Construction Support Division

This division does the following:
•publishes OOC forms, directives, and manuals.
•Trains construction management and inspectors.
•Manages consultant construction management and inspection (CMI) contracts and construction supplemental support contracts.
•Manages the OOC vehicle fleet.
•Projects short- and long-range manpower requirements to ensure proper inspection of the Administration’s construction projects.
•Supports users of the Maryland Construction Management System (MCMS) and related software.
•Researches and prepares technical reports for management.

Engineering Support Division

This division is responsible for contract claims review and analysis; change orders, processing, contractor annual ratings; value engineering change proposals; engineering and technical support; contract claims review and analysis, and specs and standards, including writing, reviewing and interpreting and quality initiatives.

The Claims Review Team supports the construction program by analyzing construction contract claims to ensure costs and time adjustments are justified.

The Specifications/Engineering Support Team provides engineering and technical support to the agency.

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Contract Payment Division

The Contract Payment Division processes contractor payments for all MDOT SHA construction projects Statewide, handling approximately 3,000 payments processed annually. It oversees every aspect of the contract payment process from the evaluation of field data to production of payment vouchers and attachments.

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Utilities Division

This division administers the utilities program for MDOT SHA, accommodates utility facilities placed within the MDOT SHA right of way and coordinates utilities through project delivery. The Utilities team works with districts, design groups, and utility personnel to provide training and technical engineering. It ensures that utility relocation costs are distributed equitably.

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Contract Award Division

This division reviews, processes, and tracks projects from all MDOT SHA offices and projects — including Highway Design, Bridge, Traffic, Environmental, Maintenance, Special Projects, and service projects — from ‘Advertisement’ through ‘Notice to Proceed.’ The division processes approximately 450 contracts a year. The division also oversees the MBE program for all construction contracts, examining goal setting, Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) approval and correspondence.

Telephone: 443-572-5215 Fax #: 410-787-0985

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  • OOC Forms, where you can search directives, forms, LPA documents, manuals, memoranda, and utility documentation
  • MDOT SHA Business Center, where you can find all the information you need to work with MDOT SHA