Maryland ByWays - Explore the Roads less traveled

Maryland’s 18 designated byways encompass 2,487 miles of beautiful roads and offer a taste of Maryland’s scenic beauty, history and culture. Take the roads less traveled - including byways featuring nationally significant themes: The Star-Spangled Banner, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad, Religious Freedom, Chesapeake Country, Charles Street, Historic National Road, and the Catoctin Mountain National Scenic Byways.

If you’re planning a trip, escape the highway and enjoy a Maryland Scenic Byway. You’ll find great suggestions for scenic or historic driving tours, Maryland Heritage areas, historic districts, parks, and other cultural and recreational destinations. Don’t forget that most scenic byways are also perfect for exploring by bicycle! Way-finding signs guide you off-the-beaten tracks. We recommend that you use the Maryland Scenic Byways Map when you drive these routes.

Click here to download a copy of the Maryland Scenic Byways Guide and map, or call 1-877-MDBYWAY (1-877-632-9929)

Maryland belongs to a longstanding network of national and state byways that include the most distinct and diverse roads of our nation.  These corridors embody archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational and scenic qualities that are worthy of preservation and promotion. Maryland’s Scenic Byway program enhances community pride, as well as visitor appeal, by encouraging the responsible management and preservation of the State’s most scenic, cultural and historic roads.

Scenic Byway Resource Protection Application

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MDOT SHA partnered with the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) to develop a Scenic Byways Resource Protection Application. It is a GIS based inventory mapping tool. It allows users to analyze protected, vulnerable and threatened resources along Maryland’s scenic byways. Local and State agencies can use the tool to set conservation priorities in a targeted and strategic manner.

Corridor Management Plans and Resources

MDOT SHA's Scenic Byway program partnered with local communities on Corridor Management Plans (CMPs) and other documents and guides to assist the local communities’ efforts to protect and enhance the byways. CMPs are flexible documents that change with the community and address issues such as tourism, historic preservation, environmental protection, roadway safety and economic development.

Historic National Road: Model Community Design Guidelines, CSS Guidelines for the Historic National Road
Chesapeake County: The Chesapeake Country (Upper Shore) Corridor Management Plan, Chesapeake Country (Upper-Shore) Interpretive Plan,  Chesapeake Country (Mid-Shore) Corridor Management Plan, Chesapeake Country (Mid-Shore) Interpretive Plan   
Journey Through Hallowed Ground National Scenic Byway: Journey through Hallowed Ground National Scenic Byway, Catoctin Mountain National Scenic Byway
Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad: Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Corridor Management Plan
Religious Freedom: Religious Freedom Byway Corridor Management Plan
Star Spangled Banner: Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail CMP 
Context Sensitive Solutions:  Context-Sensitive Solutions (CSS) principles for Maryland Scenic Byways

MDOT SHA Scenic Byways Web Map For more information about Maryland Scenic Byways Program, contact

Cheryl Ladota
Scenic Byways Program Manager
Regional and Intermodal Planning Division
MDOT State Highway Administration
707 N Calvert Street
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