Regulations & Guidelines


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)


Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

Title 11—Department of Transportation​

  • Subtitle 04—State Highway Administration
    • 11.04.01—Permits for Oversize and Overweight (OS/OW) Vehicles
    • 11.04.02—General Conditions for Movement of OS/OW Vehicles
    • 11.04.03—Specific Conditions for Movement of Certain OS/OW Vehicles
    • 11.04.04—OS/OW Vehicles—Escort Vehicles, Signing and Lighting
    • 11.04.11—Overweight Vehicle Permits for Certain Containerized Cargo Hauling
    • 11.04.12—Local Delivery Truck Routes
  • Subtitle 07— Maryland Transportation Authority
    • 11.07.01—Transportation of Hazardous Materials
    • 11.07.02—Vehicle Size and Width Restrictions
  • Subtitle 11—Motor Vehicle Administration—Administrative Procedures
    • 11.11.12—Commercial Driver’s License Disqualification
  • Subtitle 21—Motor Vehicle Administration—Commercial Motor Vehicles
  • Subtitle 22—Motor Vehicle Administration—Preventive Maintenance Program< 

Maryland Vehicle Law

Access Maryland Vehicle Law at the website of the Maryland General Assembly.

  • In Article, enter “Transportation” 
  • Click “Submit Query” button
  • Enter Section by typing or selecting the pull-down menu
  • Click “Submit Query” button
  • You must select each section to view it.

The following titles relate to motor carriers and drivers:

  • Title 11 (Definitions)
  • Title 13 (Vehicle registration)
  • Title 16 (Driver licensing)         
  • Title 21 (Rules of the road) ​         
  • Title 22 (Vehicle equipment)         
  • Title 23 (Vehicle inspections)
  • Title 25 (Commercial motor vehicles)

Preventive Maintenance

In COMAR Online, Title 11, refer to sections 11.14.04, 11.14.05, and 11.22.02.

Filing a Trucking Complaint

To report an unsafe driver, or falling or dropping loads, dial #77.
To report an unsafe trucking company (e.g., a company that forces drivers to exceed hours of service or drive unsafe vehicles) call the Maryland State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division at 410-579-5959.

Truck Parking – Maryland

Truck Parking is available at various locations across Maryland. By far the largest segment of parking is at private truck stops. Parking is allowed on a limited basis at Maryland Welcome Centers. Drivers may also park at Maryland Truck Weigh and Inspection Stations (TWIS), but only when they are closed. Drivers should plan their trips prior to departure, and schedule rest stops well ahead of time. Do not wait until you are tired to seek a place to park. For more information on locations of public and private parking availability click here.

Truck parking on the shoulders of highways and entrance ramps of interstate, US or State highways is unsafe and illegal. Traffic tickets will be issued to violators.


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