The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) uses ProjectWise software to facilitate collaboration between MDOT SHA and external entities that are collaborating on our design projects. All MDOT SHA projects are stored in our ProjectWise Datasources where all team members are expected to access and maintain each project’s design elements. These updates are either live or done by COB when any changes are made.

To request an account, please follow the instructions in the MDOT SHA Third Party ProjectWise Account Request.pdf file linked below. The included form must be signed by a supervisor at your organization and a MDOT SHA Project Manager.

If you encounter issues, please email with a description of the error and we will provide whatever assistance we can.

Some projects require a local copy of MDOT SHA’s CAD Standards to support ProjectWise projects.

For the CAD Managers/IT personnel responsible for the creation and management of the SHA CAD Standards, please refer to MDOT SHA CAD STANDARDS page for the information required for its setup and updates.