Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Standards

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) has long recognized the need to improve the functionality of CAD software for its designers and consultants. While our focus is now the ProjectWise Managed Workspace, SHA will continue to provide standalone workspaces for external use. These workspace files are provided as a courtesy with no guarantee expressed or implied. 

Read the Disclaimer​.

Planned Implementation of SHA Workspace 3.0

Workspace 3.0 containing the MDOT SHA 2023 standard was developed for use with the CONNECT edition of Bentley software. This workspace has been in active use in ProjectWise since July 2023. However, most existing design projects continue to use Workspace 2.0 and the SHA_V8_02 standard. 

V8i software is not supported in Workspace 3.0.

Significant changes have been made to the drawing scale that prevent mixing software versions on a project. Therefore, projects should not be migrated from the old standard to the new without the express permission of the SHA project manager. New project starts should use the new standard – ask your SHA project manager which Workspace and Standard to use for your project.

Currently Supported CAD Software

Workspace 2.0 and the SHA_V8_02 Standard was designed to run with the following software:

  • MicroStation V8i SELECTseries 10 (Ss10) (
  • InRoads V8i Ss10 (
    • ​MicroStation Ss10 w/ InRoads or Power InRoads Ss10
  • ​ProjectWise Explorer CE (
    • ​Note: ProjectWise Explorer CE ( should not be used due to known defects.
  • ​Windows 10

Workspace 3.0 and the MDOT SHA 2023 Standard was designed to run with the following software:

  • ​MicroStation CE/2023 (
  • Open Roads Designer (ORD) 2022 R3 (
  • ProjectWise Explorer 2023 (
  • Windows 11

While different versions of MicroStation can be installed on the same computer, only one version of ProjectWise Explorer is allowed. Both versions listed above should work with all software but may not be officially supported by Bentley.

Workspace 2.0 Download

Workspace 3.0 Download

Test area for SHA Workspace 3.0

Users also have the option to work in our ProjectWise Managed Workspace 3.0 test area. To gain access, please send a request to

In most cases, a test area will be established for an entire consulting firm, but we are willing to work with requestors to meet their needs. The test area will allow users to become familiar with the new workspace prior to an active project and provide feedback. 

Submit feedback to​.​

Other Customizations

The SHA Office of Highway Development (OHD) Plats and Surveys Division (PSD) has customizations (MicroStation) for use in developing their standard deliverables.


  • SHA CAD Standards Documentation​ (ZIP, 2.34 MB)
    • ​MicroStation V8 CAD Standards Manual (6/14/2004)
    • MicroStation V8 CAD Standards Training Guide (6/14/2004)
    • MicroStation V8 CAD Workspace Installation Guide (3/30/2018)


The above documents contain many images and instructions from much earlier releases of the V8 workspace, as indicated by their dates. While the content is generally still applicable, many updates to the tools and standards have occurred since these were created, and examples cited may be different in an up-to-date workspace.