Integrated Financial Management Information System

What do the numbers and letters represent in the naming convention?

The naming conventions are:

  • Contract#_Vendor#_MonthYear_Content of the file.pdf
  • Contract#_Vendor#_MonthYear_Content of the file.xls

The first three data fields (Contract#_Vendor#_Month Year) should always be consistent. The fourth field changes based upon the content of the file.


  • XX1195368_V522192217_JAN2023_Invoice.pdf
  • XX1195368_V522192217_JAN2023_Prime.xlsx
  • XX1195368_V522192217_JAN2023_ContactInfo.pdf
  • XX1195368_V522165521_JAN2023​_Subcontractor.xlsx

Abbreviations for each month


What are other naming conventions the contractor should use?

All reports should be identified by using the naming conventions referenced in the question above. It is difficult to view the spreadsheet. The page is large and difficult to navigate. There is a “Zoom” button at the bottom of the screen. Place your cursor on the navigation handle located between the plus and minus sign of the Zoom bar. Use your tab key to navigate through the columns.

May I copy the form to use for future submissions?

No. A new monthly form will be sent to you every month. Certain fields in the form cannot be changed. The system will not recognize the form if changes are made to those fields.

Can I send my payments in a PDF version of the Excel Payment Form?

No. The form must be emailed in its original xls or xlsx format for the system to recognize the data. In addition to the Excel version of the form, a PDF version with a signature is required for those who do not have the capability to add it into Excel.

Can I email my supporting documentation (cancelled checks, invoices, etc.) with the monthly reports?

Yes. Please follow the naming convention so that the attachment can be identified as back-up for that particular contract. The file must be in PDF format – for example:

  • XX1195368_V522192217_May2021_Cancelledchecks.pdf

Can I modify the forms?

No. Do not alter the forms in any way. The system expects data to appear in certain areas of the form as well as in a certain format.

Can I link my payment form to other Excel spreadsheets?


Should I send my payment form even if no payments have been made for this month?

Yes. The system will recognize zero (“0”) payments and will process them accordingly. Sending this information will prevent you from receiving additional phone calls, emails, and other reminders.

Who do I contact if I need help submitting my payment information?

Each contract is assigned a compliance officer. Contact your compliance officer for assistance. You may also call 410-545-0073 or 1-888-545-0098.