Four Points Bridge ca. 1876, Emmitsburg, Frederick County

Four Points Bridge Location map of Four Points Bridge

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This iron span, a half-hip Pratt through truss, takes the Four Points-Keysville Road over Toms Creek near Emmitsburg. A subtype of the popular Pratt truss, the half-hip conserved material by eliminating some vertical members. The 103-foot-long bridge is one of many in the state designed and built around 1876 by the prolific Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, one of the largest manufacturers of iron truss bridges in the nineteenth century. In its heyday the company employed 270 men and had projects in twenty-five states. Four Points Bridge’s ornate name plates and decorative portals are reminiscent of those of the Poffenberger Road Bridge, which may have been built by the same company.