The Office of Structures, which administers bridges, is under the general supervision of the Deputy Administrator/Chief Engineer for Planning, Engineering, Real Estate and Environment. The office consists of two major areas, the Structures Engineering Divisions and the Structures Inspection and Remedial Engineering Divisions.

Structures Engineering Divisions

The Structures Engineering Project Development Division designs all structures on the state-maintained system, including new bridges, bridge replacements, deck replacements, culverts, retaining walls and noise abatement walls.

The Local Government Programs Division is involved in the bridge replacement program for all county-owned bridges, reviewing all documents prior to advertisement.

For structures crossing waterways, the Structure Hydrology and Hydraulics Division conducts hydrology and hydraulic studies (studies of water flow and how it affects a structure and the surrounding area) and determines sizes of proposed structures over streams, rivers and wetlands. This division also evaluates each crossing as it relates to the passage of fish and provides recommendations to ensure their passage.

During construction, the Quality Assurance Programs Division reviews all documents that are generated by contractor and their suppliers during construction. The reviews assure that all projects are built according to the design documents (they examine sizing as well as materials), as well as conforming to all safety requirements that protect workers and the public.

Structures Inspection and Remedial Engineering Division

This division keeps state highway structures safe for the traveling public by regularly inspecting the condition, above and below water, of all existing structures. It provides structural analysis, routine and preventive maintenance, bridge painting and minor rehabilitation contracts that address structure needs. The evaluation of all permits for overweight moves and their effect on structures is also a full-time assignment. This work is either done in-house or by consultants.

Contact the Office of Structures at 1-888-375-1084.

Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge Study

In 2022, MDOT SHA completed the Governor Thomas Johnson Bridge Evaluation of Suicide Deterrent​. A copy of the study is available here​.