Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

Transportation Systems Management and Operations or TSMO is MDOT SHA’s integrated approach to planning, engineering, operating and maintaining existing facilities to maximize their full-service potential, and ultimately improve the safety, security and reliability of our transportation network. TSMO looks at performance from a system-wide perspective, not just one strategy, project or corridor. Strategies are coordinated with others across multiple jurisdictions, agencies, and modes.

The TSMO Program provides an interface to other program areas like asset management, capital projects, planning and programming, maintenance, and construction inside MDOT SHA, with MDOT modes, and other stakeholders through ITS projects, telecommunications infrastructure, Advanced Traffic Management Systems, and data analytics and performance management.

Please view the video below to learn more about how TSMO applies to the future of Maryland transportation.

MDOT SHA released our TSMO Strategic Plan in 2018. The Deputy Director for ITS and CHART Systems in the Office of Transportation Mobility and Operations oversees the implementation of the plan, under the guidance of the TSMO Executive Committee, and with support of the TSMO Working Group and associated Task Forces.

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