District Office Permit Manual & Application


Companies and Individuals that are not Utility Owner Representatives or Developers need Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) authorization before receiving MDOT SHA District Office Permits for work within MDOT SHA rights of way. As your Company’s Representative or self-representative, you must verify the identity and reasoning for the request before any operations take place as described in the District Office Manual. ​

​​MDOT SHA District Office Permit Manual (PDF, 1009 KB) describes policies regarding accommodation for non-Utility Operators and non-Developers to perform work within the MDOT SHA rights-of-way.

MDOT SHA District Office Permit Application (PDF, 399​ KB) MDOT SHA District Utility Sections issue District Office Permits for specific types of work to be performed within MDOT SHA rights of way. These District Office permits contain the special requirements, conditions, procedures and contact information for job-specific activities performed by your work request. They include work-specific attachments, plans, and addenda.Your utility must attach a copy of the Utility Permit General Provisions to each Individual Work Order Permit. Together, these constitute a Complete Authorized District Utility Permit to allow the utility access to the requested MDOT SHA rights-of-way to perform specific activities

Form W-9 sampleForm W-9 (PDF, 129​ kb) Identification and Certification.