Traffic Monitoring System Templates and Descriptions

The Traffic Monitoring System Team employs the use of consultants to collect traffic count data. The data must be submitted in a specific format in order to be loaded into the Traffic Monitoring System.

Below are the templates and descriptions used for manual traffic counts.

Type of Manual CountDescription
(PDF Format)
Template (Excel format)
Class Count class (PDF,11kb) Class_15min.xls (XLS,62kb)
Class_1hour.xls (XLS,38kb)
Delay Count delay (PDF,94kb) Delay.xls (XLS,61kb)
Occupancy Count occupancy (PDF,8kb) Occupancy.xls (XLS,44kb)
Turning Movement Count turning (PDF,27kb)
Reviewing and Validating Turning Movement Counts (PDF, 29kb) (zip,52kb)
Volume Count volume (PDF,8kb) Volume_15min.xls (XLS,59kb)
Volume_1hour.xls (XLS,45kb)

Below are the templates and descriptions used for machine traffic counts. These files use the Peek261 format, which is a text file with a .prn extension.

Type of Machine CountDescription (PDF Format)
Class Count Class_Template (PDF,328kb)
Volume Count Volume_Template (PDF,179kb)
Class & Speed Combined Class Speed_Template (PDF,10kb)
Length Count Length class

GPS Coordinates for Traffic Count Locations

Provide GPS data in the form of X/Y coordinates in Maryland State Plane, NAD83 Feet HARN (sub meter accuracy preferred, three (3) meter accuracy acceptable) for each counter location.

Downloads - All of the following files are Zip files.

All Descriptions (ZIP,140kb)
All Templates (ZIP,840kb)

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