Self Evaluation Plan

A. Statement of Goals/Objectives/Definition of Scope


  • Develop a comprehensive approach to evaluate existing access to public rights of way.
  • Identify areas requiring improvements to achieve accessibility.
  • Provide opportunities for public participation.
  • Document areas examined and problems identified.
  • Describe any modifications made


  • Sidewalks (including gaps), crosswalks, blockages, cross slopes and right of way
  • Curb ramps and curb cuts
  • Detectable warnings

B. Identification of existing facilities limiting access to public rights of way

  • Data collection/inventory
  • Determine deficiencies
  • Consult with ADA Advisory Committee
  • Public meetings for self-evaluation               

C. Report on Self-Evaluation

The results of the Report on Self Evaluation and input from the public will be used to identify and prioritize improvements that will be implemented through a Transition Plan. The report is available for public viewing and is also available in alternative formats upon request to the ADA Title II Coordinator.