Office of Traffic and Safety - OOTS (Part 2)

OOTS is organized into a director's office and five divisions.

Director's Office

The Director's Office is responsible for the overall direction and policy of the Office of Traffic and Safety, coordinating program activities among OOTS divisions. It provides administrative services and manages finances. It is the contact with other Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) units. In particular it assists the Chief Engineer and Administrator on traffic and safety.

Senior Engineer's Team

The Senior Engineers Team and the director link to MDOT SHA districts, representing the director at hearings, meetings, and discussions with district staff, officials, and the public. The team advises about traffic control devices and other traffic engineering and safety issues. These i​ssues include special statewide and multi-office projects such as roundabouts, Eastern Shore traffic operations, the logo program, recruitment and hiring of engineers, and FITM (Freeway Incident Traffic Management).

Traffic Engineering Design Division

The Traffic Engineering Design Division (TEDD) prepares, produces, oversees and designs all traffic control devices statewide. TEDD develops and prepares areawide and formally-advertised contracts, plans, special provisions, engineer’s estimates and specifications. Design teams perform traffic control device design, structural design and inspections. TEDD support is provided by the Systems Engineering Team and the Engineering Support Team.

TEDD supports other MDOT SHA units with specialized design work and unique solutions to complex engineering challenges.

Senior Management Team

The Senior Management Team directs the overall program and solves problems in traffic engineering for MDOT SHA and allied agencies. The team coordinates all TEDD program activities, monitoring production, advancing technologies into design and providing the daily leadership to guide our team into the 21st century.