Consultant Standard Invoice

The Office of Audits has issued a directive entitled "Required Standards for Consultant Invoices." This directive includes the invoice information requirements for all Architectural/Engineering (AE) consultant contracts entered into on or after July 1, 1997. We issued standards that were developed for consultant invoices in order to facilitate payments, reduce the documentation burden on consultants, simplify our internal procedures, and provide consistency in our requirements. A copy of this directive can be obtained by downloading the PDF Consultant Directive (PDF, 43kb).

The directive refers to standard consultant invoice formats. These invoice formats are in Microsoft Excel for the following types of invoices. Click on the appropriate format and instructions to download the file.

Please note that the above invoice formats were updated July 2015 and are to be used for all contracts that were advertised on or after January 1, 2006 utilizing the latest methods for calculating fixed fee and split rates. These new formats allow for the following:

  1. Fixed fee calculated as a percentage of direct labor only, rather than direct labor plus payroll, burden and overhead.
  2. The billing of split overhead rates, where applicable (i.e., different overhead rates for home office and field work on the same invoice).

In addition, the following Consultant Payroll Report format and Overhead Adjustment Calculation Worksheet formats are available for use by consultants when preparing invoices and calculating overhead adjustment amounts where contractually allowed. Click on the appropriate format to download the file.

If you need additional assistance, you may contact the Office of Procurement and Contract Management at (410) 545-5585.