Business Development Reimbursement Program



The purpose of the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) Business Development Reimbursement Program (BDRP) is to assist MDOT Certified DBE firms in gaining and sustaining the ability to successfully compete in the marketplace outside of the Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) Program.  MDOT SHA Office of Equal Opportunity (MDOT SHA OEO) is facilitating the Business Development Reimbursement Program (BDRP), which is intended to achieve the overall purpose by assisting MDOT Certified DBE firm participants in procuring needed products and or services that are directly related to the core function of that business, and that will directly enhance the stability of the firm.


All references to DBE firms are directly referring to MDOT Certified DBE and ACDBE firms.


The objective of the BDRP is to provide MDOT Certified DBE firms reimbursements for products and services that will contribute to the growth, self-sufficiency, and overall business practices to better position the firm to compete and perform in the transportation marketplace.  Reimbursements may be for one-time purchase or multiple purchases but may not exceed $5,000.

Eligible Participants

Each applicant must be an MDOT Certified DBE firm at the time of applying to participate in the BDRP and maintain the same certification, including NAICS codes throughout their participation in the BDRP. MDOT SHA OEO will verify certification with the MDOT Office of Minority Business Enterprise with the submission of BDRP Steps 1-3. Loss of certification will result in immediate suspension of participation in this DBE Supportive Service, BDRP, regardless of prior approvals.

Only DBE firms headquartered in the State of Maryland will qualify for MDOT SHA BDRP.  Out of state DBEs are encouraged to check the availability of DBE Supportive Services at the DBE certifying agency of their home state.

The DBE Supportive Services Program is limited to firms that provide services that may be utilized in heavy transportation related services.  The service(s) provided by the DBE participants must be item(s) that may be listed line item(s) in a transportation related project/contract.  All DBE participants must be interested and capable of working in the heavy transportation marketplace.

The approval for any supportive service is solely at the discretion of MDOT SHA.

Eligible Products and Services

Payments are limited to $5,000 per federal fiscal year, per DBE firm.  The reimbursements funding will be distributed on a first come, first approved basis.  The funding limit applies as long as funds are available. 
The list of products and services that may be eligible for reimbursement in the BDRP is below.    

Reimbursements for any classes, trainings, webinars, etc. (in person or online), will not be dispersed prior to the DBE program manager’s receipt of documentation of full payment of the requested classes, trainings, webinars, etc. and successful completion from the entity providing classes, trainings, webinars, etc. You must provide acceptable documentation to prove total costs and payments of ALL items, services, products, etc. for which reimbursement is requested.

Reimbursable products and services:

  1. Software/software licenses – associated with the DBE firm’s core area of business function, (i.e., firm specific, project estimating, accounting/financial w/payroll, Bid Express (MDOT-SHA electronic bidding system);
  2. Financial audit/Review;
  3. Project estimating;
  4. Membership fees (Association/Organization Membership) – for professional organizations related to the DBE firm’s core business function;
  5. Website design/development
  6. Logo design
  7. Books - associated with the DBE firm’s core business function;    
  8. Capabilities Statement and/or Business Plan development;
  9. Training/Conferences (registration costs and lodging ONLY) - for events within the United States that are directly related to the DBE firm’s core business function.
    Note:  Travel expenses, parking expenses, and taxes are non-reimbursable.
  10. Technical training - associated with the DBE firm’s core business function;
    Note:  If a reimbursement request for training/conference/class for an employee of DBE firm, but not the owner of the DBE firm, a description of the employee’s core job responsibility/function/title must be included with the request.
  11. Registration fees for industry-related events/seminars - associated with the DBE firm’s core business function;
  12. Tuition expenses – for one continuing education or undergraduate course per year. Lab fees and cost of textbooks and materials are also reimbursable providing the course is related to the firm’s core business function;
  13. 13. One-on-One Consulting Services – Reimbursement up to the $5,000 limit (counting toward the overall firm cap limit of $5,000).  The One-on-One Consulting Services examples are:
    1. Accounting – Accountant services, cash flow review, income statement review.
    2. Legal services – Services related contracts documents or the understanding of procurement requirements/regulations.
    3. Bond/insurance – Build/maintain/increase bond and insurance capacity.               
    4. Project estimating – assistance with properly estimating/bidding on a project.

Non-reimbursable items

The items listed below are non-reimbursable in the BDRP.

  • Desktop computers, laptop computers, printers, accessories, tablets, etc.
  • Cell phones and/or accessories.
  • Televisions.
  • State, federal and sales taxes.
  • Preparation of personal and/or business taxes.
  • Parking expenses.
  • Travel.

Steps 1-3

  1. DBE applicants must submit the BDRP Participation Application and a current copy of their W9 when completing the online application.

    Please make sure that your address is current; otherwise delays will occur when issuing reimbursements. You will be notified when BDRP Step 1 is approved by the MDOT SHA OEO DBE Program Manager.​

    • Reimbursement will not be approved for services, products, classes, training, etc. obtained and purchased prior to an Approved BDRP Request to Purchase for Reimbursement (Step 2).

  2. After you have been notified of approval of Step 1 by the MDOT SHA OEO DBE Program Manager,  you must submit a BDRP Request to Purchase for Reimbursement (Step 2).  The Step 2 must include the completed BDRP Step 2 and documentation provided by the vendor providing services, training, etc. that shows the cost that the BDRP Participant is requesting in the BDRP Step 2.  The Step 2 approval must be received prior to making purchases/registration for classes, training, etc.

    Step 2 approval must be received prior to making purchases/registration for classes, training, etc.

  3. You will be notified if BDRP Step 2 is approved or denied.  If approved, you will be provided a blank BDRP Payment Request Form (Step 3) and a blank BDRP Invoice that YOU MUST USE WHEN SUBMITTING the BDRP Step 3.  The Due date will be included on your approved BDRP Step 2 Approval Letter and your BDRP Invoice.  If the BDRP Request to Purchase for Reimbursement is for a class, training, webinar, etc., you will have 2 weeks after completion of class, training, webinar, etc. to submit proof of payment for class and verification of successful completion with the BDRP Step 3.

    BDRP Step 3 must be submitted by the due date shown on the BDRP Invoice.  BDRP Step 3 must include receipts equivalent to the total cost of the purchase.  You must pay the entire cost of your purchase to receive reimbursement, even if the total cost exceeds the allotted amount.  For example, if the cost of your requested purchase for BDRP Reimbursement is $6,000.00 and the allotted amount that may be approved for BDRP reimbursement is $5,000.00, you must pay and show documentation that the full amount of $6,000.00 has been paid, prior to approval of the allotted amount of $5,000.00.  Any amount that exceeds the approved allotted amount is your responsibility and will not be reimbursed. BDRP Step 3s received after due dates may not be processed for payments. 


While we work diligently to process reimbursements as quickly as possible, it may take more than 60 days from approval of the Step 3 for reimbursements to be issued to each DBE firm.

Each step must be followed in order for approval and disbursement of funds.