Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Be Street Wise – Drive Safe. Walk Safe. Bike Safe.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration’s (MDOT SHA) pedestrian safety campaign targets all roadway users, as it’s an issue that affects the entire community -- young and senior, drivers and walkers, during the day and at night. On average, more than 100 pedestrians are killed each year in Maryland, and most of the incidents are preventable.

The Be Street Wise campaign reminds everyone to follow the rules of the road and traffic laws. The goal of the campaign is to make Maryland roadways safer. MDOT SHA uses a context-driven approach in the planning and engineering of roadways to provide access and mobility for all users. Education must always support engineering, and that’s why Be Street Wise is so important. Through grassroots outreach, public relations and marketing, MDOT SHA is reminding drivers to stay alert, obey the posted speed limit and stop for pedestrians. At the same time, pedestrians are reminded to stay visible, use crosswalks, wait for the walk signal when available and remember to look left, right, and left again before crossing.

MDOT SHA offers the following tips that are best practice year round

Tips for Pedestrians

  • Use sidewalks and marked crosswalks whenever possible.
  • Press the pedestrian signal button and wait for the walk signal.
  • Always stop at the curb and look left, right and left before crossing a street.
  • Watch for cars turning in or leaving driveways.
  • Wear light or bright colored clothing, especially if out walking after dusk.
  • Pay attention and take off headphones while walking – no texting or playing games.

Tips for Drivers

  • Always stop for pedestrians.
  • Observe posted speed limits. Speeding only makes it more difficult to stop for pedestrians.
  • Follow traffic signs, signals and markings.
  • Stop for red lights.
  • Look for pedestrians before turning
  • Keep your eyes on the road. It’s illegal to use a handheld phone/device or text while driving.

Click here to download the Pedestrian Safety Tip Card

Pedestrian Safety Tip Card​​​

Pedestrian Safety Tip Card

Pedestrian Safety Tip Card in Spanish (en Español)​​

Pedestrian Safety Tip Card in Spanish (en Español)

As each new school year begins, MDOT SHA, Maryland counties, and our partners urge everyone to review the rules of the road to Be Street Wise, particularly school children. With approximately 880,000 students enrolled in Maryland elementary, middle and high schools, partners are working together to help protect the State’s youngest morning and afternoon commuters as more pedestrians, bicyclists, vehicles and school buses take to area roadways.

If current COVID-19 restrictions are lifted for the 2020/2021 school year, MDOT SHA will visit elementary schools throughout Maryland. No matter if a student walks to school, catches the bus or is dropped off, there is a safety lesson for everyone. In previous years we’ve partnered with the Baltimore Orioles, the Washington Redskins and Chick-fil-A to promote safe walking behaviors that can be shared with the whole family.

Click here to download Pedestrian Safety Lunchbox Notes

Pedestrian Safety Lunchbox Notes​​​

Click here to download the Pedestrian Safety Tip Card for Kids

Pedestrian Safety Tip Card for Kids, 1​​​

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Pedestrian Safety