The Maryland Roadside Tree Law - Types of Permits

.04 Types of Roadside Tree Care Permits

  1. Roadside tree care permits come in two types:
    1. Permits used —
      1. for a specific tree or group of trees
      2. for specific tree care operations
      3. for a term not exceeding one year from the date of issuance; and
    2. Permits issued for comprehensive and continuing programs of general tree care, such as those administered by State agencies, counties, municipalities, corporations, and public utilities.
  2. Permits issued under A(2) of this regulation are given only for specified types of tree care, based upon the skills of those supervising the program.
  3. For tree care not authorized in a permit issued under A(2) of this regulation, a permittee must obtain a separate tree care permit.
  4. Permits are issued for a calendar year and may be renewed upon application.