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Alcohol Permits

Permits for hauling alcohol can be obtained by contacting the Maryland Alcohol, Tobacco and Cannabis Commission at

​100k Containerized Cargo Permits

100k Containerized Cargo Permits--State Highway Administration, Baltimore City DOT and the Port of Baltimore are providing a Special Hauling permit for containerized cargo up to and including 100k with 6 axles, following all containerized cargo regulations available temporarily free of charge.  Your delivery needs are important to us during this critical time, feel free to reach out to us with your concerns regarding permitting and routing issues at 

Size Restrictions and Alternate Routes

Size Restrictions and Alternate Routes

Tunnels - Unauthorized Routes For Loads

Unauthorized Routes for Loads

Permitted loads WILL NOT be routed through the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel or the Fort McHenry Tunnel. These are unauthorized route for loads. Contact the permit office if assistance is needed  or 1-800-543-4564.

CLOSED- Francis Scott Key Bridge

​CLOSED- Francis Scott Key Bridge- The Key Bridge is CLOSED due to a bridge collapse. Please check your permit and route.  Any permit using this route will need to be rerouted through the Maryland One permit system.  Contact the permit office if assistance is needed  or 1-800-543-4564