SHA Asset Management Program

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​The State Highway Administration (SHA) plans, designs, builds, operates, maintains and improves the majority of Maryland’s freeways, highways, and non-toll bridges. To keep this critical infrastructure operational, our agency launched the Asset Management Program in 2021 to make transparent, data-driven decisions to maintain assets in a state of good repair. We are committed to asset to management as a continuou​s improvement pro​cess.​​

The Asset Management Program is managed by a specialized inhouse operations office and enables us to achieve optimal outcomes​​ from SHA’s maintenance and capital investments while following federal guidance. As​set lifecycle managers implement best practices to comply with regulations, imp​rove our performance, and support sound decision-making throughout the infrastructure’s lifespan. This ensures the longevity of our assets and provides a safe, well-maintained, reliable​ highway system.

Asset management allows us to take a fresh look at our assets and​ understa​nd their condition as well as the maintenance, preservation and capi​tal pro​grams needed to achieve and maintain our desired system performance. With this program in place, our focus on people, processes and technology enables us to make better and more effective decisions to sustain our transportation network, from roads and bridges to lighting and signage.


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​​​​​​Asset ​​Management Program Stakeholder Involvement

The Asse​t Management ​Program is supported by stakeholders to promote a consistent, focused approach to managing our asset portfolio and to ensure alignment with federal, state, and agency policies. The program is also championed by SHA executives and guided by leadership, staff and partners across all offices, districts and departments. Asset management is a team effort and staff at all levels of the agency enhance our existing asset management culture.

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​Documents and Brochures

      2021 MDOT SHA Asset Management Brochure
      2019 MDOT Strategic Asset Management Plan
      2040 Maryland Transportation Plan
      ​AASHTO Transportation Asset Management (TAM) Guide

Data Viewers and Interactive Maps

​     Maryland's DOT GIS Open Data Portal
​     MD iMap - Maryland's GIS Portal


​    MDOT SHA Asset Management At Work -

The Asset Management Office​

​The SHA Asset Management Office (AMO) was created in 2021 under the Deputy Administrator for Operations in Hanover. The AMO provides strategic asset ma​nagement guidance, resources and tools to the agency while integrating the agency’s asset portfolio. With a “system of systems” approach, the AMO works to deliver optimized performance outcomes for infrastructure sustainability. This structure empowers the SHA workforce to innovate from the bottom up and focuses on three major functions: Asset Data Operations, Asset Optimization and Asset Preservation Delivery.​




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