Historic Bridges of Maryland

The Maryland State Highway Administration, in cooperation with the Maryland Historical Trust Press and the Federal Highway Administration, is pleased to announce the publication of Historic Bridges of Maryland by Dixie Legler and Carol Highsmith. Dixie’s lively prose and Carol’s brilliant photographs highlight 75 of Maryland’s historic bridges.

Historic Bridges of Maryland can be ordered from The Maryland Historical Trust's website.

To view some of the bridges featured in Historic Bridges of Maryland click here.

A number of the featured bridges played key roles in Maryland’s history and these treasures are found throughout the State’s landscape. Consider Washington County’s Roxbury Mill Bridge, a powerful limestone structure over Antietam Creek that dates back to 1824 and carried eager early American settlers westward. Today, the steel beams of the William Preston Lane Jr. Memorial Bay Bridge arching over the Chesapeake Bay continues to unite the State’s western and eastern shores. Witness first-hand the diverse beauty of the Free State from the perspective of these creations that stand mightily in defiance of time, as well as those which exemplify modern of engineering concepts.