Scenic Byways

In 1991, the Federal Highway Administration established the National Scenic Byways Program to recognize routes throughout the country based on their archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and scenic qualities. Maryland is home to 18 byways, 7 of which have earned this national distinction.
BridgeThrough the Maryland Scenic Byways Program, the State Highway Administration (SHA) administers Federal Highway (FHWA) funds and provides technical assistance for planning, interpretation, promotion, enhancement, and preservation projects along scenic byways. The program's mission is to enhance quality of life and community pride as well as to encourage the responsible management and preservation of the state's most significant roads and surrounding environs.
SHA's Scenic Byway grants program funds community-based initiatives known as corridor management plans (CMPs). Through the grant, a community along a state designated scenic route is able to develop a CMP that outlines ways to protect and enhance their section of byway. CMPs are flexible documents designed to change with the community and typically address issues such as tourism, historic preservation, environmental protection, roadway safety and economic development.
StreamOnce a CMP is completed, the byway is eligible for additional grants for projects (such as interpretation, preservation and roadway enhancements) that will improve visitor experience along the byway. A CMP also makes a byway eligible for national byway designation.
Please see our Scenic Byways Program page for examples of completed CMPs, detailed information about the program and application process.
Please click here if you would like information about traveling Maryland's Scenic Byways.
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